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The diaphragm is the first muscle activated during inspiration [1], and its function is closely related to changes in lung volumes. The diaphragm is responsible for 60–80% of the inspiratory work [2], and its contribution to lung volume changes is estimated between 75–90% [3–5]. At higher lung volumes, the diaphragm's ability to generate force decreases as its muscle fibers shorten...

Sembera Martin et al.
BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023; 15(1): 112
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Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a non-infectious, chronic inflammatory disease of the nose mediated by IgE after exposure to allergens in atopic individuals of all ages, especially children and adolescents [1, 2]. The worldwide prevalence rate of AR is 10–40% and it affects more than 20% of the Chinese population, a trend that is increasing yearly [3–5]. Because it influences the occurrence,...

Hu Zhibang et al.
BMC Pediatrics 2023; 23(1): 466
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Thyroglossal duct cysts (TDC) represent 70% of all congenital neck masses, with a prevalence of 7% in the general population [1]. They arise from remnants of the thyroglossal duct that failed to regress during gestation. They grow along the embryologic descending route of the thyroid gland, starting at the foramen cecum and ending at the level of the cricoid cartilage and upper trachea [2]. Sixty percent...

Mylopotamitaki Kleanthi et al.
Case Reports in Otolaryngology 2023 (2023), Article ID 6640087, 5 pages
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Thyroid cancer (THCA) is the fifth most prevalent cancer among women [1], and its incidence tends to rise from adolescence to middle age, with the highest occurrence observed around 55 years for women and 65 years for men. Subsequently, the incidence gradually decreases with advancing ages [2]. Unfortunately, it is projected to become the fourth most common cancer worldwide. In addition, between 1990...

Yang Liyun et al.
Cancer Cell International 2023; 23(1): 206
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