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Spinal tuberculosis (TB), the most common extrapulmonary TB, accounts for about 50% of bone and joint TB [1]. This severe spinal disease often causes spinal instability, kyphosis, spinal nerve dysfunction, or paraplegia [2]. Tuberculosis of the lower lumbar spine (L3–L5) is not uncommon in clinical practice. It has the characteristics of high refractory, disability, and recurrence rate, which...

Xu Zhenchao et al.
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2022; 23(1): 590
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Medication nonadherence (MNA) in adult kidney transplant recipients is estimated to be 36 cases per 100 persons per year [1] and results in a 6- to 7-fold increase in transplant graft failure, hospitalizations, nursing home admissions, and premature deaths [2]. Drug-related morbidity and mortality resulting from nonoptimized medication therapy was $528.4 billion, or 16% of the total United States’...

Russell Cynthia L. et al.
International Journal of Nephrology 2022 (2022), Article ID 9653847, 6 pages
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Vascular complications, which have an incidence rate of 6-30% after a kidney transplant, can impact allograft and patient outcomes [1]. Vascular complications include renal artery stenosis, arterial/venous thrombosis, arteriovenous fistulas, and renal artery pseudoaneurysms [1]. Intrarenal pseudoaneurysms are most commonly secondary to percutaneous kidney biopsy, infection, or technical error but usually...

Anders Luke et al.
Case Reports in Transplantation 2022 (2022), Article ID 6232586, 10 pages
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Biopsy of a native or transplant kidney is the most vital tool guiding a nephrologist to diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease [1–3]. Kidney biopsy remains the gold standard in diagnosing kidney disease and has been a core part of clinical nephrology practice and training for decades. The technique used to obtain a kidney biopsy has evolved over the last seventy years, from performing the...

Emelianova Daria et al.
BMC Nephrology 2022; 23(1): 226
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